cs surfing but you create the map.

sadly I couldn't get the ramps to work super nice.


- WASD to move around (additionally left mouse is A, right mouse is D)
- space to jump
- Q/E to create ramps
- R to go back to the start. R again to clear map

How to surf:
after leaving the initial platform, you will never need to press either W or D, in fact, its worse if you do.
whenever you are touching a ramp, if you move towards it, you don't fall
if ramp on your left, hold A (or left mouse), if ramp on your right, hold D
in this game, an easy way to see this working is to hold Q and A at the same time, even better, Q and left mouse button.

Turning is a bit trickier, if you want to turn, you have to press the button in the direction of your turn, and move the mouse in the same direction. To turn right, D or RMB and move the mouse right. You can also do this while holding Q, to keep spawning ramps.

If you want to try some real surfing, I would recommend this roblox game (its basically the same experience as CS, without the need to donwload many gigabytes)

this library: https://github.com/Olezen/UnitySourceMovement

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