A joke someone had to make for GMTK 2020 jam.
Turned out way more nuanced that I originally thought it was.

No, the game is not crashing

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TagsDifficult, First-Person, Funny, Short


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This was truly an emotional journey.... I am moved.. thank you for this beautiful experience


Wow I really liked it.

It is beatable btw


The beating is in the eye of the beholder


but why did you put nazi zombies?

now that you mention it I kind of regret it

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wait what? I got through the tunnel and there's nothing on the other side? and why does it say remaining:1 in the corner? also how is it a joke


oh I missed the r to restart thing. Is that the "joke"? that there's littereally nothing there?


um...buddy its that the remaining:1 means you can only crouch once and the tunnel leads to another tunnel..


i have won i am superior


Is the joke that ctrl+W is close window?