A downloadable role

You are elevators, for a brief moment you live their memories.
It’s nighttime and the elevators want to meet.

With as many friends as you’d like, each find an elevator in the same building and name it. Introduce yourselves. Ask each other questions about your feelings about floors in this building. (i.e. “Which floor do you go to distract yourself?” “Where do you feel happiest?”) Do this until you have discussed every floor.

Call the elevators to your location, start thinking where you want to go. Up or down? Why? Did someone mention that floor? Is there any chance you might meet someone else there? Think about how your elevator feels to go there.

Once you arrive, poke your head out. If you find another elevator there, sing! Celebrate, for a moment the loneliness is gone! Move on to the next floor; recognize the reason you are going there.

If you don’t know where to go, or feel too lonely, there’s always the lobby, the first floor. The game ends there, and you leave the elevator with all its memories. You will likely find a friend there, tell them your story, and listen to whoever comes after you.

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