The objective of the game is to program your bot and build a level so he can get to the top!


Press Q/W to move between possible block colors, press left mouse button to add a new block of the selected color, and right mouse button to delete blocks.

Press E to enter the text editor and edit the bot's code.

Language reference:

  1. nop: no operation (sleeps for the tick time)
  2. jump: makes the bot jump (if grounded)
  3. turn: turns the bot around
  4. cmp [what] [value]: compares what to the value passed, setting the robots internal flag if the comparison is true, what can be either:
    • scan: with possible values (r, g, b, w). Compares the value of the bot's scanner to the value. (if no value passed, compares if the scanner is reading something).
    • mdir: with possible values (r, l). Compares the moving direction of the bot.
  5. jmp [line]: jumps to the specified line of code
  6. jf [line]: jumps to the specified line of code if the flag is set to true
  7. jnf [line]: jumps to the specified line of code if the flag is set to false
  8. clf: sets the value of the flag to false

Good Luck!

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Tags2D, Ludum Dare 37, programming, Robots

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