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this is really interesting!

i haven't got past the hole, but it was fun exclaiming 'the perfect line?!' each new time i chained into reversing the backwards walk in the floor or harnessed that brief run and landed it. so much nuance!

maybe share this on a TAS forum or something? it's engaging anyway but i imagine it'd be perfect for them.

edit: i got a bit past the hole by randomly deleting it(?) with that memory button :] i thought it was nuanced before.. maybe too nuanced but still pretty yes.

also i see you have many other nice games =0 :)

Wooow, thanks a lot for the kind comment! Sounds like a lovely experience, even got me back to trying to beat my own current perfect line hahaha. Do you know of any particular forum I could try posting this at? I tried posting on reddit speedrun, but I don’t think I can even do that (and not being very active on reddit makes it so that I don’t have a lot of karma).

Deleting the button seems like a pretty funny thing to happen, I press the button a couple times every run to in case.