Help mario go as far as possible in the attract mode by chaning his state from DEAD to NORMAL and back.

Current high score is 1320 by me

There is definitely a theoretical limit, help me find it!

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TagsArcade, High Score, infinite-runner, mario


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this is really interesting!

i haven't got past the hole, but it was fun exclaiming 'the perfect line?!' each new time i chained into reversing the backwards walk in the floor or harnessed that brief run and landed it. so much nuance!

maybe share this on a TAS forum or something? it's engaging anyway but i imagine it'd be perfect for them.

edit: i got a bit past the hole by randomly deleting it(?) with that memory button :] i thought it was nuanced before.. maybe too nuanced but still pretty yes.

also i see you have many other nice games =0 :)

Wooow, thanks a lot for the kind comment! Sounds like a lovely experience, even got me back to trying to beat my own current perfect line hahaha. Do you know of any particular forum I could try posting this at? I tried posting on reddit speedrun, but I don’t think I can even do that (and not being very active on reddit makes it so that I don’t have a lot of karma).

Deleting the button seems like a pretty funny thing to happen, I press the button a couple times every run to in case.



you could probably share this on the tasvideos forums or their discord


oooh, i might try doing that, been wanting to get more in touch with that community!