A downloadable game for Windows

Alien is an asymetrical local multiplayer game where up to 5 players playing as aliens can fight against another player playing as the keyboard controller. Fight for your survival and destruction of the master keyboarder while the remaining gameplay area is destroyed by him!


Keyboard Controller: 4 top rows of your keyboard


  • Joystick analog + jump button (A on xbox, Square on PlayStation)
  • Keyboard Arrow Keys  + NumPad0

Press Your jump button to join the game, and spacebar to start.

You can control most of the game parameters in the pause menu, if you ever want to mess around with some of them to make them harder.

You can also toggle a random AI this way, though it's super unbalanced.

You can try using Parsec to play this with your friends online =)

Have Fun!


Atelie Xinela (instagram) & Monastereo Music Studio (email)


Atilla Gallio - Game Design, Programming and Art - site twitter

Gustavo "Mut" Guimaraes - Game Design, Programming and Art - twitter instagram

Pedro Neder - Game Design, Sound Design & Soundtrack - email

Rodrigo "Kosha" Koshino - Character Art - twitter instagram


Alien-2019.11.11.zip 57 MB
2018.08.13 [LDjam version] 22 MB

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