For the full experience, download the game, since rumble doesn't seem to work on the browser version.

This is a game about two controllers, it was developed with 2 xbox one controllers, so it might not be tuned well for any other couple of controllers.

See the screenshots to know how you have to hold the controllers, the rest should be intuitive.

Here's the incredibly messy source if you want:

Have fun!


music: Anitek - Tea and Toast

sfx: Suspiro

PlatformsWindows, macOS, HTML5
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(3 total ratings)
Tags69, Abstract, altctrl, Altgame, Controller, sensual
InputsGamepad (any)


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Gosh, I swear in front of the flying spaghetti monster, that just yesterday I was at my neighbors' house, with two of their gamepads (demanding repair due to joystick drift syndrome) in my hands, without even knowing what I was doing, I placed the two controllers face to face exactly as you did there, the 4 joysticks touching each other. Seeing the multiplication of joints, I thought it would be cool to give it a proper interactive application. It turns out that I stumble upon this page the next night during one of my endless web browsing. Many people may have thought it before and will do it after, but for me, the discovery of your work, is another manifestation of this cosmic dance à laquelle nous somme tous assujettis (sorry for the grammar, English is not my mother tongue)

I tried to tape the joysticks together, but couldn't even manage get pass 5ft speed, can't wait to build a proper interface with the 4 joysticks alone.

You surely know about Alt-Ctrl @ home JAM (it's hosted by MechBird, which work is awesome too) 
Have you planned to submit mutual analogus

Anyway, thanks a lot for all your amazing work, the kind that keeps alive


thanks a lot for the kind message! just got me teared up a bit =)

love to see your controler setup (also the colors weirdly match the palette of this page o.o)

i saw that jam and know some incredible friends that will be doing stuff for it, i really want to try doing something, but i have so many things to do this month so i don’t know, could maybe just update this game i guess, tune it a bit more!

thanks again for partnering in this beautiful dance!

Omg, yes, please submit this game if you can! That's awesome <3